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New Drawing

2012-04-29 06:15:48 by Kaydea

Here is the Original Scanned Drawing.
Full Size:
My outline pens got stolen, so I was forced to use Sharpie.
Stupid bleed-prone Sharpie.

Edited Version will be uploaded.

Cheesy Gandhi PWN

2011-01-19 07:17:38 by Kaydea

Working on a rather funny flash.
I'm planning on doing the voice acting myself.
If you think you can do a pretty decent (or awkwardly funny) Gandhi voice,
Message me and I'll have you upload an audition clip.
And give you part of the script for the audition clip... Trust me, It's pretty fucking epic.

Anyways, that's what's coming up.


2010-08-20 08:11:05 by Kaydea

I'm making this news post, not only for myself,
but for other members on DA to share their profiles as well.

I'm interested in seeing what other NewGrounders have put on DA.
Leave your link,
I'll comment at least one of your deviations, pinky promise.
And Hell, who knows what else.

If you don't have a DA account, I'd still like your opinion on my art.
So go look, and leave opinions here.
If you're too lazy for that, an example is posted with this news post,
and you can simply comment on that.
Thank you all.

Here's my link.


Art Submissions!

2010-05-08 15:50:09 by Kaydea

I just submitted 3 renders to the art portal.
Please look at them and review them.
Any helpful tips or anything would be appreciated.
& it doesn't hurt to hear when someone likes something. :3

Please & Thank you?

Saturday Skill.001

2010-05-08 04:43:05 by Kaydea

As I'm going to be posting my favorite flash [game/movie] on Fridays.
On Saturdays I will be linking to NG users who I think deserve a small promotional post.
Just as it's only one game or movie a week on Fridays, there will be only one user a week on Saturdays.
The first Saturday Skill recognition is going to FoxcatO.
Literally, the majority of foxcat's flash had me all teary eyed.
Check foxcat out by clicking the link up there^
Message me or comment this post to be considered for Saturday Skill.002
or Favorite Friday.002

Have a nice weekend.

Saturday Skill.001

Friday Favorite.001

2010-05-07 06:48:59 by Kaydea

Build A Robot 2.1 by JackSmack
I spent 40 minutes trying to make the ultimate robot.
Screenshot will be included in this post.
If you make a better robot than me, I'd be happy to see your screenshots.
Try the game here:
Build A Robot 2.1

Friday Favorite.001


2010-04-20 22:49:08 by Kaydea

This year 4/20 only has me doing one thing.
No, not the normal toke...

But instead I'm stuck without a piece.
and noticed that, by the looks of all the awful 4/20 flash toons.
You all have smoked yourself retarded.

I've come to the conclusion that maybe the flash toons I think are funny when I'm high are actually really lame. I'm re-watching "How to Catch a Hippo" in another tab right now.

...Nope. NG toons are still as stupidly funny when you're sober.

Happy Weed Day.... F#%@ing stoners...
By the way; I submitted a FULL audio song.
Listen to it while you toke, coz I'm afraid that's the only way it might sound good.


Social Networking.

2009-12-08 21:41:43 by Kaydea <-- Join & add me.

I also have Stickam, Facebook, and a bunch of other profiles.
If you're going to add any of the above;
comment this post
so I am aware.

I realize.

2009-10-02 21:29:57 by Kaydea

I haven't been on in a while. You can stop sending me messages reminding me of this. Heh.
If you want the link to any of my social networking profiles, msg me.
Want to know any Instant Messenger Screennames? [see above]
Just thought I'd post this to get that rather old, awfully bad picture of me off here.

Yeah, You guessed it...

2009-04-08 19:47:43 by Kaydea

Yet another "Am I Attractive" post.
You see these all over the place.
Yet I haven't posted one yet.
So post what you like/don't like.
And make the don't like stuff something I can change [eg: hair color, makeup...etc.]
not something I can't change without Plastic Surgery [eg: Big forhead, little ears, too big of eyes...etc]


Yeah, You guessed it...